The BPM brand – BulletProofMindset – is to represent anyone who is growing into the best version of themselves. It’s to let people know on the journey towards your goals, it’s going to be tough, you’re going to feel lonely, you’re going to feel like quitting. That is where the BPM family come in…

Non-Negotiable Tracker

Extended 12 Month Version

Record your personal non-negotiable tasks, track your daily performance and plot it by month, quarter, and year to provide you a vantage point to see and evaluate trends.

(Jake Parton)

Born and raised in Birmingham UK, Jake grew up in a working class family. His parents were forced to put Jake into a child minder when he was just 12 weeks old, as they couldn’t afford any more time off work. Jake was very smart and always very athletic and loved playing sports, especially football.

(Charlie Parton)

Do you remember Cinderella? Aladdin? Beauty and the Beast? I always believed I’d live my dream life, travel the world, meet my Prince and live happily ever after…but I didn’t know I would have to crawl through an earthquake to get there!

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